Buddies4math- Making Math Fun

Since 2010, serving over 1500 elementary students with a tutor corps drawn from 20 different middle and high schools in the Bay area

What We Do

We pair middle and high school students with elementary students in weekly sessions and build fact fluency and confidence in math concepts through math games. We have been successful in making math fun and accessible to all our students. They look forward to their weekly sessions of playing math games with their “math buddies” as they call us. We hold a much loved Math Carnival twice a year for students to rotate through different math stations and win prizes.

In addition to our weekly sessions, we have also introduced other signature programs like Maker Workshops, Scratch and MathUnboxed.

We were excited to develop and introduce a new maker workshop for our students in partnership with ZeroUI. Our fifth graders through the workshop were the first class to build  Ziro, the award wining robotics kit that lets users control the robotics with their hands.

We were the first to teach Scratch (a programing language developed by the MIT Media Lab)  to students at Mariano Castro Elementary School and Crittenden Middle School. We hold Family Viewing Parties so families can be involved as kids learn to code.

Our most recent efforts focus on MathUnboxed. MathUnboxed provides take home math games for underserved and at-risk elementary students in our communities. At the core of MathUnboxed is the belief that confidence and skill in math concepts can be built by playing math games. Learning does not have to stop outside the classroom. Parents and caregivers can play an important role in building math skills in their children. Our goal is to empower and support families who lack the resources to provide additional tutoring or enrichment to build self-esteem and confidence in math skills in their children.

We believe in making math fun and that learning can take place through play!